Barometer World specialises in nearly everything barometer-wise.

Director Philip Collins, a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, established this unique business in 1979 along side his antique furniture restoration, which has now all but ceased, and the workshop concentrates on the repair and restoration of antique barometers, be that aneroid barometers, mercury wheel barometers or mercury stick barometers including FitzRoy barometers, Sympiesometers, Contra-tube barometers, pocket barometers, or barographs in fact nearly any type of barometer although we do not get involved in the modern calibration of scientific barometers.

We do often repair Fortin barometers and Kew Pattern barometers. Apart from our restoration we also have a fine sales area selling a mixture of antique barometers and new barometers, (primarily these days aneroid), we are no longer allowed to sell new mercury barometers but we are permitted to sell existing stocks that were made before October 2009.

Our showroom at Merton not only offers barometers for sale but has a few unusual items such as Crooke’s Radiometers, Spiral Thermometers, the Collins Pattern Thermoscope (an unusual type of simple barometer made from glass in our own glass blowing workshop at Barometer World) it is probably true to say that Barometer World is the largest specialist firm selling, restoring and dealing with traditional barometers.

We have had commissions from the National Trust, Royal Met Society, RNLI as well as recommended via leading auction houses and the barometer and barograph owning nobility.

Spare Parts

At Barometer World we also operate an online catalogue of barometer spare parts, which can be seen at our website: where we list numerous types of barometer parts, chiefly for the restoration of mercury wheel and stick barometers but also some aneroid barometers. Many old barometers require new tubes due to the mercury corroding the inside of the glass as well as the obvious of being broken and not functioning. We do not list materials for restoration of barometers and barographs but we do have a good selection of barograph charts, sometimes called barograms as well as metal barograph nibs, and a barograph fibre nib and barograph ink as well as hydrograph ink (green) and thermograph ink (red). The selection of spare parts we have is generally for old barometers – we do stock a few more modern barometer parts such as thermometer scales and tubes for modern barometers and we can normally supply to order a rage of the Barigo barometer and barograph parts on request given time. The supply of barograph paper is increasingly getting more difficult but we do have a few years stock. Our old out of date paper catalogue of barometer parts is no longer available due to the modern age of computers. Broken barometer glasses are a very common replacement item but for most aneroid barometers then these are specially made and not available off the shelf if you require one then contact us, we process the glass here ourselves.

Buy Barometers

Our supply of new barometers are primarily listed on our online barometer store where there is a selection of new barometers for sale although not as many as in our showroom. If you are looking for a mercury stick barometer we often have some antique collectable mercury or aneroid barometers in our showroom as well as some of the new stock made before October 2010. We suggest you contact us for mercury barometers as our website is a little sparse on details of these barometers due to the changing stock available at any one time. BuyBarometers does have a good selection of new barometers for sale which can be sent by post or carrier throughout the UK as well as abroad. Some of the items we sell are unique to us being specially commissioned barometers or unusual gifts made in our own workshops such as the Hooks Otheometer barometer, the Collins Patent table Barometer and we have some copies of the weather forecasting dial to use with a barometer and books by Philip Collins (Care and Restoration of Barometers, Aneroid barometers and their restoration, Barographs, Bizarre Barometers, FitzRoy and his Barometers)can be ordered online here as well as some other weather related books which make useful gifts. Weather Tea Towels, Thermometers etc.

Negretti and Zambra

Philip Collins having worked for many years studying and repairing barometers author and world recognised authority on barometers of many types, came across much research information about the very special instrument manufacturers Negretti and Zambra, so much so that Barometer World have decided to host a small website dedicated to the company. Negretti and Zambra are famous for making all sorts of scientific instruments as well as barometers and barographs; they were the Fore runners of the white back thermometer tubes and indeed started their profession as glassblowers in the early 19th century. Negretti and Zambra were an extremely important company in their day; many older people today remember using some of their instruments. Our director Philip Collins has found the history of this Italian company quite fascinating and has included some of the research information on our Negretti and Zambra website. So whether you have an instrument, be that a barometer or barograph by this famous company, they sold any types of barometers from The famous FitzRoy Storm barometer, to small Pocket Barometers, Wheel barometers, ships aneroid barometers, domestic aneroid barometers, Mercury Stick and wheel barometers and indeed many more. You can certainly find out some background information on the company however, regrettably the reference numbers on barometers have no reference as there are no records surviving probably due to bombing or just old records being thrown out! We are fortunate to have some stories from some ex-workers, and if you used to work for the famous barometer company Negretti & Zambra Limited please do contact us with your memories or information, we are still looking for photographs and the next book that Philip Collins intends to work on is to be a history of Negretti & Zambra, naturally based around their barometers but also of the Company generally.

Admiral FitzRoy

Whilst Philip Collins has been studying and researching for his books, Admiral FitzRoy continually pops his head up amongst barometer manuals and information. (well not quite literally as he died in 1865!) Primarily, Admiral FitzRoy lent his name to a couple of types of barometers, which have come down through the ages and many people still possess a treasured instrument bearing his name. The famous ones such as the Storm or Coastal Barometer often made by Negretti & Zambra in the early days is one that was pioneered by Admiral FitzRoy. Philip Collins latest book was on FitzRoy and his barometers and one which Philip enjoyed researching perhaps more than any other book. The variations of FitzRoy type barometers is quite wide, and as with most subject the more you concentrate on one area the more things come to light. Admiral FitzRoy was famous for being the Captain of the Beagle but he also became Head of the Met Office in 1854, from then he started to engage in Meteorology and this led him to start early forecasting in the Britsih Isles. On this site you will discover lots about him and his early days as well as links to various resources about him.

Antique Barometers

Barometer World first started with antique furniture and a few Antique Barometers, rapidly Philip Collins enthusiasm for antique and old barometers exploded into a veritable Aladdin's cave of all manner of antique and collectable barometers, be they Mercury Stick or Mercury Wheel barometers, Barographs, small Pocket aneroid barometers/altimeters FitzRoy barometers, Contra Tube barometers, ships barometers, Fortin Barometers, Kew Pattern Marine Barometers, Sympisometers ....well you get the idea! Since those early days Philip Collins has written numerous books on barometers after handling and researching the types and variations found at auction houses or museums around the country. It is therefore only natural that we should have a website showing just Antique Barometers that have been restored at our barometer workshop in Merton. Of course with increasing knowledge and skill concerning barometers Philip Collins is able to be very discerningly when purchasing old barometers and whilst he does not collect personally he does indulge occasionally in purchases that he finds irresistible. We have a good selection of Stick Barometers, Wheel Barometers and Barographs often in stock, many more Barometers may be awaiting restoration as we do tend to concentrate on Barometers rather than computers!
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